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Catch Fire says Goodbye!


FEM4FEM //Issue 01: Boys In Crop Tops

Introducing FEM4FEM, a magazine that celebrates all that is transformative, magical, intersectional, and queer. FEM4FEM is the result of one too many wonderful conversations, dialogues, imagined narratives, and self-prophesied alternate timelines between chungsun and odera. FEM4FEM is a restorative elixir; for when sailor moon transformations aren’t working like they used to; when the patriarchy has got you down; or when you think you can’t balance being a radical queer cutie with body rolling to 90s jams while eating too many slices of pizza (hint: you are queer and limitless, you can do all these things and more).

And what better way to kick off FEM4FEM than to celebrate the rebounding trend/act of resistance: the crop top. So everyone go out and prep your body (eating a burrito is my personal favorite) and dawn your favorite crop top.




Other boring artist’s notes: After redesigning all of those Sailor Scouts, I have been looking for new ways to experiment with materials and subject matter. Typically I only inject a very specific portion of my persona into my illustrations (the fantasy aspect that loves mythology + folklore + magical girl/diva tropes). So I am excited to explore content that is more contemporary and inspired by my humor, sexuality, daily living, etc (essentially the side that my friends are more likely to see before I get into my head and think “-afrocentric mythological goddesses at the dreaded gateway swallowing the souls, dreams, and nightmares of spiritchildren at the crossroads WITH SPARKLES AND SWORDS! Like a miyazaki film meets Zap Mama meets octavia butler!!!-.

It’s also extremely refreshing to pull out my yummy series 7 windsor newton brushes and use real ink! I used to be so terrified of ink, but ink has the TripleF/FFF as I like to say: Form, Fluidity, and Freedom.  So this is my first attempt at a “finished”/refined illustration without emulating intensive painting techniques.

… .also this isn’t a real magazine (but who know where this project will lead me)